633: Marching to Fintech’s New Beat | Matt Briers, CFO, TransferWise

Among the more transformative chapters of Matt Briers’s finance career was his 3-year stint monitoring and forecasting margin performance inside Google’s UK operations. “The core role was really to understand what was happening in the organization from a revenue and margin performance perspective and then help to operate the organization so that it could better…
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632: Exposing the Connection Between Financial and Operational Data | Jacqueline Purcell, CFO, Deputy

Jacqueline Purcell’s path to the CFO office began inside an Australian law firm where as a young attorney she was advising corporate clients and their bankers on how to best address some of the legal hurdles that their M&A deal-making might confront. At the time, her routine collaboration with different banking executives gave her a…
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631: Explaining the Business Reason Behind the Number | Steven Springsteel, CFO, betterworks

Back in the early 1990s, Steven Springsteel nabbed an interview for a CFO role with a high-flying tech start-up. At the time, he was controller for Apple’s worldwide manufacturing operations, but the buzz surrounding the brash start-up intrigued him, and the young but accomplished executive shortly found himself waiting to be interviewed by the firm’s…
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630: Building the Business Case | Bennett Theimann, CFO, Applicaster

It was the type of role that any recent business school graduate could envy—not because of the position’s title (Chief of Staff) or how much it paid, but because of its proximity to management decision-making. The job is one that Bennett Theimann remembers well as he looks back on the days when he served as…
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629: Freshly Ripens On The Vine | Matt Hagel, CFO, Freshly

It’s a story that Matt Hagel likes to share as he networks with fellow finance executives and accounting types. Back in 2017—only days after stepping into a finance leadership role at the online prepared meals company Freshly—Hagel was reviewing the company’s chart of accounts when he asked himself: “Why is Plant, Property, and Equipment (PPE)…
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Opening Customer Doors with a “Work from Home” Mind-Set | Steven Springsteel, CFO, Betterworks

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628: Allocating Resources to Achieve the Right Outcomes | Inder Singh, CFO, Arm

Inder Singh started off his professional life as an engineer, only to learn that the large engineering projects that he aspired to someday lead often faced as many financial obstacles as they did engineering challenges. So, Singh says, he went back to school and earned an MBA in finance, allowing him to redirect his career…
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627: Learning the Lyrics to a Finance Career | Mark Sargent, CFO, Westhaven Power

At the start of his finance career, Mark Sargent says, he could not picture himself working for a large, big-name corporation. He says that he was drawn instead to smaller companies, which he believed would be more accepting of “creative types” or those employees more prone to self-expression. In Sargent’s case, an accounting and finance…
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Freshly Says It’s Time for Lunch | Matt Hagel, CFO, Freshly

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626: The Path to Greater Profits | Jason Peterson, CFO, EPAM

When asked to share an experience or two that prepared him for a finance leadership role, Jason Peterson recalls an early lesson he received not from a controller, FP&A leader, or CFO, but from a group of engineers. According to Peterson, his company at the time did not operate as cross-functionally as many firms do…
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