617: Finding Your Seat at the M&A Table | Dennis McGrath, CFO, PAVmed

Dennis McGrath was only recently married and a new home owner when he was invited to a Phillies game by the CFO of AC Manufacturing. At the time, McGrath was working for Andersen as an auditor of a roster of growing companies, among which AC—a maker of industrial air-conditioning units—was perhaps not the most glamorous.…
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When COVID Is an Accelerant | Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

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616: Predictability and the Pipeline | Ashim Gupta, CFO, UiPath

When asked to share a few of the experiences that he feels prepared him for a CFO role, Ashim Gupta recalls what he characterizes as a significant accounting problem. However, it was not the nature of the accounting snag that Gupta wants us to know about but instead how his initial response to the problem…
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615: Validating Your Proof Points for Investors | Jeff Epstein, Bessemer Venture Partners

In the mid-1990s, when Jeff Epstein was busy satisfying the M&A appetites of media clients for First Boston, one of his smaller, but more boisterous clients asked him to join the firm as its CFO.   “It was the type of situation where if they had gone to a recruiter, I would never have made…
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614: In Pursuit of Data’s Deep Impact | Matt Borowiecki, CFO, Biofourmis

When asked what led him to open his latest career chapter as CFO of Biofourmis, Matt Borowiecki quickly mentions the 2018 sale of MassMutual Asia Ltd. to Yunfeng FG. After helping to piece together a string of strategic plays for MassMutual, Borowiecki was instrumental in effecting the Yunfeng FG deal, which was a standout for…
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613: Helping Others Get the Big Picture | Anders Fohlin, CFO, Medius

Early in his finance career, Anders Fohlin discovered that he could ratchet up his capacity to consume information and problem-solve simply by drawing pictures. However, what had originated more as a personal observation would eventually evolve to something more as he discovered that his visuals could serve others.   “I started to regularly draw processes…
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A Value Proposition Gains Added Luster | Dave Jones, CFO, Vroom

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612: The Rewards of Customer Insight | David Wells, CFO, ENDRA Life Sciences

Back in the mid-1990s, David Wells was a financial analyst for a Bay Area supply chain management company that boasted an impressive list of Silicon Valley marquee customers. Counted among their clients was a large chip maker whose customer relationship upkeep had over time become Wells's responsibility. Because this was a coveted customer, Wells always…
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611: An Acquisitive State of Mind | Jon Nguyen, CFO, Kyriba

Jon Nguyen got his first taste of M&A-related work in the early to mid-2000s when he served as the vice president of finance partner for the auto lending unit of HSBC. “In consumer lending, you end up doing a lot of portfolio purchases rather than equity ones, but I have become more involved in the…
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Keeping Employees Top-of-Mind | Jon Nguyen, CFO, Kyriba

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