No Longer Serving the Metric-Savvy Few, FP&A Enters a New Data Dimension to Feed the Masses

At Digital Realty, the FP&A team wants to help its business leaders “complete the story” by supplying data that brings greater context to decision-making. We spoke with Glen Snyder, Vice President, Corporate FP&A, at Digital Realty about the company’s push to help business leaders tell the whole story. (Listeners can access this interview on Episode…

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554: Achieving a Strategic Capital Structure | David Moss, CFO, INmune Bio

Guest: David Moss Company: INmune Bio Headquarters: La Jolla, CA Connect: Moss: Tell us about a finance strategic moment? CFOTL: One very strategic moment in our business at INmune had to do with something that we did that was very unusual with regard to our financial situation. When companies go public, they typically go…
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553: Opening a Spin-off’s Liberated Growth Chapter | Ravi Chopra, CFO, SonicWall

Ravi Chopra has built his career inside finance functions designed to serve growth-minded management. Such was the case in the late ’90s when Chopra joined Cisco Systems, which at the time was experiencing 50% growth annually. Jump forward 10 years, and you’ll find him busy leading the FP&A function for growth-driven Juniper Networks. Asked to…
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552: Making Customer Outcomes Top of Mind | Valerie Burman, CFO, GuideSpark

Had Valerie Burman entered the CFO office a decade ago, you wonder whether the role would be as good a match for the accomplished finance executive as it appears to be today. Back in 2007, after working nearly a decade in M&A as an investment banker, Burman exited a banking career to take on a…
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551: Capitalizing on Efficiencies to Unlock New Value | Chris Sands, CFO, MineralTree

When Chris Sands accepted an investor relations position at a midsize health care firm, he did so with the understanding that he would be permitted to occasionally sink his teeth into some of the firm’s growing FP&A challenges. Having a resume rich with investment banking experience, Sands was now determined to add some FP&A, a…
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Finding Efficiencies in Cost Containment | Pavan Makhija, CFO, Possible Health

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550: The Funnel: Where Sales & Finance Meet | Andrew Hicks, CFO, Advanced

For every top sales leader who confides to friends that he or she is really a numbers freak at heart, there’s an Andrew Hicks, who, as CFO of Advanced, would be just as apt to boast about a sales funnel innovation as he would about the adoption of a new accounting rule. In fact, it…
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549: Stay the Course | Cort Townsend, CFO, Kofax

As is the case with many finance leader resumes, Cort Townsend’s reveals a repetition of professional advancement and achievement that allows casual readers to quickly validate his CFO credentials. However, like those of many, Townsend's self-tale is only a shorthand rendering of a career path filled with twists, turns, and high-stakes industry drama. Such was…
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548: Raising Your Finance Voice | Mahesh Patel, CFO, Druva

­Having already answered the majority of questions, CFO Mahesh Patel was in the homestretch of our interview when he shared something that sets him apart from most of our finance leader guests: If he were entering the workforce today, he would set his sights on becoming a sales leader. “There’s a thrill of the hunt…
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Monitoring Your Labor Targets | Celine Okoh, CFO, The White Ribbon Alliance

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