When Speed Thwarts Uncertainty | Alyssa Filter, CFO, Clari

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625: A Transformative Transaction | Eyal Hen, CFO, Rekor Systems

Back in 2004, on the very day that Ormat Technologies, Inc., began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Eyal Hen began working as an assistant controller for the geothermal energy company in Israel. The transition to being NYSE traded company opened a transformative chapter not only for Ormat but also for Hen, who—after having…
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624: Accelerate Around the Curve | Alyssa Filter, CFO, Clari

When Alyssa Filter was named CFO of Clari, her strategic mind-set was the by-product of having been involved from early on in the development and growth of several of the Sunnyvale, Calif., software developer’s organizational functions. Having first been hired as a consultant when Clari was still a pre-revenue company, Filter discovered that she was…
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623: When an Opportunity Rises to Meet You | Sinohe Terrero, CFO, Envoy

When Envoy CFO Sinohe Terrero is asked about his career chapter at Etsy, the online marketplace founded in 2005 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, he begins by explaining how back in 2008 Etsy’s finance function was really just a loose grouping of tools and people. “I'll never forget that I once had to go…
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622: Elevating Your Organization’s Financial IQ | Shane Hansen, CFO, Planful

Shane Hansen says that his business career often reminds him of the Choose Your Own Adventure children’s book series, in which the reader assumes different roles relevant to each new adventure. Hansen’s latest adventure began last April when he stepped into the CFO office at applications developer Planful just as shelter-in-place orders were being issued…
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621: The CFO as Enabler of Science | Ivor Macleod, CFO, Athersys

When veteran CFO Ivor Macleod first contemplated joining an early-stage pharma company, the condition  known as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was not appearing in nightly news headlines and was yet to be ranked as the  number one cause of death among COVID-19 patients. Nevertheless, ARDS captured his attention—or rather, Athersys did.  The Cleveland, Ohio–based…
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Taking on the Fight Against COVID-Induced ARDS | Ivor Macleod, CFO, Athersys

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620: When People Matter Most | Laurie Krebs, CFO, Red Hat

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619: Finding Finance’s Center of Gravity | Ray Carpenter, CFO, Xandr

When Ray Carpenter retraces his steps to the CFO office at Xandr—an analytics and advertising company formed by AT&T's WarnerMedia—he singles out two earlier roles as having been outside AT&T’s traditional finance track. “I actually got kicked out of finance for that role,” says Carpenter, referring to a stint as a marketer inside a start-up…
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618: From COVID’s Initial Shock to IPO in 60 Days | Dave Jones, CFO, Vroom

Not unlike the careers of his finance leader peers, the finance career of Dave Jones, CFO of online car seller Vroom, has been shaped and influenced by economic crises of the past two decades. Last month, as the initial shock of the coronavirus waned and the stock market rallied back, Vroom moved quickly to go…
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