549: Stay the Course | Cort Townsend, CFO, Kofax

As is the case with many finance leader resumes, Cort Townsend’s reveals a repetition of professional advancement and achievement that allows casual readers to quickly validate his CFO credentials. However, like those of many, Townsend's self-tale is only a shorthand rendering of a career path filled with twists, turns, and high-stakes industry drama. Such was…
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548: Raising Your Finance Voice | Mahesh Patel, CFO, Druva

­Having already answered the majority of questions, CFO Mahesh Patel was in the homestretch of our interview when he shared something that sets him apart from most of our finance leader guests: If he were entering the workforce today, he would set his sights on becoming a sales leader. “There’s a thrill of the hunt…
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Monitoring Your Labor Targets | Celine Okoh, CFO, The White Ribbon Alliance

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547: Enters the Change Agent | John Karnes, CFO, Vertafore

It’s probably not a stretch to say that when John Karnes is recruited to fill a CFO role, his C-suite peers have already stopped talking about change and want to begin driving it. Over the past decade, Karnes has stepped into CFO roles at six different companies, each one handing him a transformation mandate in…
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546: When Speed to Market Matters Most | Richard Steinhart, CFO, BioXcel Therapeutics

When asked what sets BioXcel Therapeutics apart from other clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies, CFO Richard Steinhart doesn’t mention a specific drug or therapy. Instead, he describes a system that the company developed to advance the speed with which drugs are commercialized. According to Steinhart, the biotech company’s system uses artificial intelligence to reveal “hidden connections” that,…
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Why Talent Must be Top of Mind for Finance – Paul Burrin, VP, Sage People

CFOTL: It seems to us that many finance leaders are not as focused on workforce challenges as they are perhaps with measuring customer retention and other customer-related areas. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some thoughts on my observation? Burrin: Well I think first of all, while CFOs are well connected with HR…

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545: Get in Gear with ARR | Ken Stillwell,CFO, Pegasystems

The way Ken Stillwell tells it, his career as a CFO can be divided into two distinct worlds: the world before ARR and the world after ARR. ARR, of course, is the acronymic identifier for the widely used SaaS metric known as annual recurring revenue. Stillwell prefers to put his own twist on the acronym…
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544: Tales of a Finance Journeyman | John Pokorney, CFO, LeTip World Franchise

Few finance leaders have boiled down the take-aways from their career journeys into as many palatable, bite-size portions as John Pokorney, CFO of LeTip International. Having found his original finance door of entry at Intel Corp. in the early 1990s, Pokorney credits the chipmaker’s collaborative culture for prodding him to speak the language of others…
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543: Whetting Your Firm’s FP&A Appetite | Paul Willson, CFO, Compeat

After years of careful finance career–building within the healthcare sector, Paul Willson came upon an opportunity inside Austin’s energetic technology start-up community that he found hard to resist. Becoming employee number 23, he was immediately dubbed “the finance guy”—a label that he would wear for only 5 days before the ambitious start-up announced that it…
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542.5: THREE for ONE Friday | CFOs: Chris Sands, Pavan Makhija, David Morris

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