512: Delivering on Solar’s Promise | Ronen Faier, CFO, SolarEdge Technologies

As Ronen Faier recalls the career-building ups-and-downs of being an entrepreneurial CFO, few memories appear to be more vivid than that of a meeting with Guy Sella, a seasoned Israeli entrepreneur, who invited Faier to lead the finance team of his solar start-up. Not yet a midsize firm, SolarEdge Technologies had only about $9 million…
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511: Getting Your Data Groove On | Elizabeth Salomon, CFO, Xactly Corp.

Back in the early 1990s, while a senior manager at Ernst & Young, Elizabeth Salomon was selected to be an "Accounting Fellow" at the OCC--the nation's primary regulator of banks. Nominated by E&Y for the prestigious post, Salomon moved to Washington, DC, and was soon writing policy statements that would provide guidance to bank examiners…
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510: One Last Thing | Six CFOs Share Insights from Transformation Chapters

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509: Removing the Friction Between Sales & Finance | Joe Aho, CFO, Compuware

If CFO Joe Aho's career DNA were uploaded to Ancestry.com, he would likely discover a family tree populated with no less than five financial planning analysts and 17 senior sales representatives. Needless to say, his career roots are multifunctional, with numerous titles and different tours of duty inside both finance and sales operations. Having joined…
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508: Behold the Productization of the Office | Michael Knott, CFO, EQ Office

It was the type of introduction that finance executives will invest decades of thoughtful career-building to receive. After dwelling nearly 20 years inside the capital markets and investment research corridors that scrutinize and energize the activities of publicly held real estate companies, Michael Knott was perhaps better prepared than most to receive an introduction to…
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507: All Eyes on Cloud Spend | James Denena, CFO, Snow Software

As for many CFOs, one company more than others dominates James Denena's finance career building years. Denena spent more than 10 years at Applied Materials of Santa Clara, California, where an executive development program encouraged him to move around inside the chip maker's sprawling finance organization. While Denena filled traditional FP&A and treasury roles, he…
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506: Boarding the Moving Train | Sean Sobers, CFO, Quantenna Communications

Asked to supply us with a finance strategic moment, CFO Sean Sobers recalls an acquisition completed during an earlier chapter of his career. Convinced that the acquired company was capable of yielding only a meager profit, Sobers and the finance team set out to expose the company's shortcomings, only to discover the opposite. "It was…
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505: Making a Difference | Michelle Naus, CFO, Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc.

The young man's smile is broad and welcoming. It's the type of photo that colleges and universities frequently use to attract young applicants. However, when featured on the home page for Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc., the image's message seems less manufactured and perhaps more ambitious as it seeks to signal hope to families seeking…
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504: Understanding Your Customers | Steve Coughran, CFO, EMJ Corporation

Inside the middle market today, it's not uncommon to find a seasoned private equity executive serving as CFO of one of his or her firm's portfolio companies. Such an arrangement provides the business leader with a coveted split-screen view that buffers the investor's demands with real-world operational insights. CFO Steve Coughran, who last year entered…
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503: Reaching More Ears with the Universal Language of Finance | Ryan Hymel, CFO, Playa Hotels & Resorts

A number of years after he first joined the lodging and hospitality industry, Ryan Hymel recalls being confronted by a fork in the road. Having labored deep inside his company's M&A growth engine, he realized that his native tongue would curtail his career opportunities as the company's appetite for growth became increasingly focused on Mexico…
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