590: The Art of Fixing What’s Broken | Terry Schmid, CFO, Topia

Purchasing bananas and moving them through a warehouse in less than 24 hours is perhaps not a professional experience widely shared by today’s finance leaders. Still, as Topia CFO Terry Schmid tells it, mastering banana logistics may just be a worthy prerequisite for many of today’s CFO roles. “It taught me to think about the…
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589: Builder, Fixer, Finance Chief | Bob Feller, CFO, Workforce Software

Last November, CFO Bob Feller achieved a career milestone of sorts when he celebrated his fifth anniversary as Workforce Software’s finance leader. “Prior to this, the longest that I have ever stayed anywhere has been four years,” explains Feller, who says that the cadence of his CFO career transitions is normally in step with those…
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588: FinTech Goes Beyond the Paycheck | Brian Whalen, CFO, Branch

Back in 2008, when auction giant eBay acquired Bill Me Later (BML), a Maryland-based payment credit company, Brian Whalen and his BML colleagues breathed a sigh of relief. “We had just enough liquidity and options to give us the runway to sell to eBay and PayPal, so—from a learning perspective—it was really about asking the…
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604: John Cappadano, CFO, School of Rock

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587: Looking Around the Next Corner | Bill Koefoed, CFO, OneStream Software

When asked whether a new sales enablement hire would be a “direct report,” Bill Koefoed, CFO of OneStream Software, replied: “Organization matters only when your processes and relationships don’t.” It’s an observation not shared widely perhaps among newbie CFOs, who upon their arrival are known to rely more on organizational reporting lines than relationship potential…
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586: Why it’s Time for BI to Turn the Page | Mohit Daswani, CFO, ThoughtSpot

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COVID-19 Briefing | Elena Gomez, CFO, Zendesk

Guest: Elena Gomez Company: Zendesk Connect: www.zendesk.com Headquarters: San Francisco, CA Gomez: Every CFO is re-modeling right now for this unprecedented time. Just to give you context, we've probably run 40 models in the past three days—so this just gives you a perspective. We're engaging with our board, we're engaging with our leadership team, my…
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585: A Taste for Opportunity | Ankur Agrawal, CFO, Cooks Venture

As the newly appointed CFO of agtech start-up Cooks Venture, Ankur Agrawal lists one of his favorite duties as designing menus. Of course, we are referring to the menu of performance measurements featured on the poultry company’s maturing business dashboard. “One of the beauties that comes with joining a new company is that you get…
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584: Keeping an Eye on Your KPIs | Omar Choucair, CFO, Trintech

Along his path to the CFO office at technology firm Trintech, Omar Choucair’s segue from radio to high tech was among his most consequential career transitions. “There were not a lot of radio companies based in Dallas, Texas, at the time, and there was this young but growing tech company. While it was a calculated…
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5XX Stephen Pearce, CFO, Wild Flower Brands

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