COVID-19 Briefing | Elena Gomez, CFO, Zendesk

Guest: Elena Gomez Company: Zendesk Connect: Headquarters: San Francisco, CA Gomez: Every CFO is re-modeling right now for this unprecedented time. Just to give you context, we've probably run 40 models in the past three days—so this just gives you a perspective. We're engaging with our board, we're engaging with our leadership team, my…
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585: A Taste for Opportunity | Ankur Agrawal, CFO, Cooks Venture

As the newly appointed CFO of agtech start-up Cooks Venture, Ankur Agrawal lists one of his favorite duties as designing menus. Of course, we are referring to the menu of performance measurements featured on the poultry company’s maturing business dashboard. “One of the beauties that comes with joining a new company is that you get…
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584: Keeping an Eye on Your KPIs | Omar Choucair, CFO, Trintech

Along his path to the CFO office at technology firm Trintech, Omar Choucair’s segue from radio to high tech was among his most consequential career transitions. “There were not a lot of radio companies based in Dallas, Texas, at the time, and there was this young but growing tech company. While it was a calculated…
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5XX Stephen Pearce, CFO, Wild Flower Brands

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583: An Appetite for Change | Tod Nestor, CFO & President, Energy Focus

Tod Nestor remembers his first performance review like it was yesterday. Sitting across from his manager inside the offices of Pepsico’s Purchase, New York, headquarters, Nestor recalls receiving a pat on the back before the manager’s feedback began to sting. “It seemed like there were two minutes of ‘Here’s what you’re doing well’ and two…
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582: Fortifying Your FP&A Footing | Robert Richards, CFO, Centauri

Recalling a meeting that took place years ago at an industry conference, CFO Robert Richards remembers that the East Coast sales executive’s face suddenly dropped. At the time, Richards was more or less his company’s de facto CFO after the company’s finance leader had departed in the wake of the firm defaulting on certain loans.…
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581: Applying Your Fresh Eyes to the Role | Anthony Coletta, CFO, SAP North America

Among the job transitions that populated Anthony Coletta’s early finance career, few likely paid more career dividends than the one that he made in 2006 when he leaped from Siemens to SAP. While both positions were controller roles based in Paris, it’s clear that Coletta quickly found the wind at his back at SAP, as…
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Your Business & Covid 19 | Tod Nestor, CFO, Energy Focus

CFOTL: When it comes to the Corona virus, what steps are you taking to prepare and manage your business going forward? Nestor: We so happen to have a fair amount of our product sourced out of China. So we’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. The impact of it, basically since the country…

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580: Finding Your Groove Inside the CFO’s Evolving Role | Laura Onopchenko, CFO, NerdWallet

It was still early in Laura Onopchenko’s finance career when she removed “Chief Financial Officer” from the list of leadership roles that she aspired to someday hold. “I very specifically made the call that I did not want to be a CFO,” recalls Onopchenko, who says that at the time the decision seemed all the…
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579: When Your Two Worlds Become One | Shari Freedman, Room to Read

At several points during the early years of her finance career, a tug-of-war was seemingly under way between the professional and personal worlds of Room to Read CFO Shari Freedman. Back in the early 1990s, Freedman was running a homeless shelter in New York City while at the same time boarding flights for a string…
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