How Often Does Your Forecast Achieve Buy-in With the Sales Team? | Ashish Parikh, CFO, Hersha Hospitality Trust

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530: Embracing the Age of Mobile Finance | John Orton, CFO, Amplify Credit Union

For most of us, the act of “throwing the book” at someone is just an expression meant to conjure up the image of a judge throwing a book of laws at a criminal as punishment. However, the visual that CFO John Orton summons in the opening minutes of our talk is the act of having…
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529: Once Upon a Time Inside the World of Hospitality | Ashish Parikh, CFO, Hersha Hospitality Trust

In the late 1990s, when Ashish Parikh was working in Boston for Fleet Financial Group, he received a call from an uncle regarding a little-known hospitality company that his uncle and a number of partners had helped to establish and grow. The uncle explained that the partners were interested in hiring a CFO, and it…
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528: Opening the Enterprise Growth Chapter | Horacio Yenaropulos, CFO, Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software is a very different company from the firm that Horacio Yenaropulos joined in 2016. At that time, Belatrix relied on many decision-making processes that are more closely associated with family-owned companies than fast-growing multinationals. “It’s a whole new business today. Whereas we were already world-class when it came to delivering our offerings, we…
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527: A Career in Step with the World | Andreas Schulmeyer, CFO, Better Choice Company

Among all of what is remarkable about Andreas Schulmeyer’s finance career, the timing with which he enters and exits different career chapters is most worthy of some added attention. For instance, consider his timing at Pepsico, where in the late 1990s he arrived inside Pepsi’s corporate strategy group—the beverage behemoth’s performance-minded brain trust headed by…
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526: The Inside-Out World of a Carve-Out CFO | Graham Ballbach, CFO, Riverside Insights

Finance leader Graham Ballbach views 2020 as the year when Riverside Insights can begin to satisfy its growing appetite for M&A. “We’ve been refining our processes so that we’re ready to go when it comes to tuck-in acquisitions,” says Ballbach, who has spent a portion of his first year as RI’s CFO in engaging business owners…
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525: Rule Number One: Follow the Science | Kimi Iguchi, CFO, Sage Therapeutics

Asked to recall a moment of insight that she experienced during the course of her career, CFO Kimi Iguchi recalls a former boss (whom she describes as “a great mentor as well as critic”) asking her to rework a PowerPoint deck—once, twice, three times—in anticipation of a board presentation that he was expecting to give…
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524: The Transformative Power of Data | Ben Luety, CFO, Seattle Indian Health Board

When Ben Luety first arrived inside the CFO office at the Seattle Indian Health Board, he would frequently rely on his smartphone’s roaming service to search the Web rather than depend on the organization’s Internet connection. “The Internet for the entire organization had less bandwidth than I did,” explains Luety, who describes the IT infrastructure…
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523: When Your Customer Is Fortune One | Judy Bjornaas, CFO, ManTech

When Judy Bjornaas first arrived at ManTech International eight years ago, the company relied on a variety of processes and policies that were widely accepted across its various parts—not because they were efficient or cost-effective, but because they were widely accepted. Not unlike many companies that have enjoyed a steady diet of success, ManTech had,…
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522: Advancing Your Operational View | Marty Meyer, CFO, GAN Integrity

There are finance leaders who boast of having always been entrepreneurs in their hearts, who can quickly serve up a story or two about a start-up with which they at one time became involved—and then there’s CFO Marty Meyer. Of the 10 start-ups where Meyer has served as CFO, six of the companies achieved positive…
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