539: Own Your Next Challenge and Your Career | Jason Lin, CFO, Centage

While tours of duty at struggling companies are seldom viewed as enviable career chapters for most professionals, finance leaders are often apt to savor the lessons that such tours of duty bring forth and even draw attention to such early chapters. Such is the case with CFO Jason Lin, whose career journey includes chapters with…
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THREE For ONE Friday | CFOs Eric Loughmiller, Hugh Watchhorn, Jim Tholen

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538: When Saying “No” Is a Strategic Imperative | William Edmondson, CFO, 1E

The mass migration of software developers from perpetual licensing to subscription licensing models has allowed quite a few CFOs to enrich their strategy credentials in recent years. It’s a movement that has allowed finance chiefs to rebrand themselves as champions of change, and one that has helped to dismiss the image of CFOs being the…
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537: When Every Megawatt Matters | Sharif Metwalli, CFO, Vantage Data Centers

When Sharif Metwalli decided that the time was right to accept a CFO position with Vantage Data Centers, he was confident that he had found a company that allowed him to check all of the boxes when it came to his finance leader search criteria. Box #1: Know and respect the management team. Box #2:…
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536: Finance and the Big Shift | Brian Swartz, CFO, Cornerstone OnDemand

When asked about the experiences that prepared him for a finance leadership role, Brian Swartz, CFO of Cornerstone OnDemand, doesn’t hesitate to mention his tour of duty as controller for EaglePicher, a collection of businesses founded in 1842 that stubbornly has reinvented itself from one century to the next. However, as the small conglomerate was…
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535: Wiring Your Customer-Centric Organization | Sarah Murphy, CFO, BSI Americas

As she approaches her 20th year with BSI Group, Sarah Murphy repeats the word “variety” when asked why she turned a blind eye to other opportunities outside the company known to many as an exemplar of business standards. “There was always something new to move on to,” says Murphy, who, having spent the past decade…
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534: Finding Your Operational Footing | Constance Minc, CFO, IFS

When a company opts to recruit a finance leader from the “outside world,” it’s not uncommon these days for the future CFO to first serve in a provisional role—one that can provide a wide view of the business while allocating a little extra time for on-the-job learning. So it was for Constance Minc, a veteran…
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533: Taking the Temperature of Your Business | Jeff Friedman, CFO, Savi Technology

When asked about which numbers have been top-of-mind since his arrival two years ago inside the CFO office at Savi Technology, Jeff Friedman quickly mentions accounts payable, receivables, and cash before taking a short pause and stating “the sales pipeline.” After 24 months as Savi’s finance chief, it’s clear that Friedman has lines of sight into…
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More finance leaders like Erik Ostrowski of AVROBIO are making corporate culture a key focus of their finance leadership

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Some CFOs Savor Digital Readiness Dividends—But Not All | Jim Kaitz, President & CEO, Association for Financial Professionals

Transcript Abstract: CFOTL: There’s little question that digital readiness remains top-of-mind for finance leaders, but I think that there’s always this mistake that we make when we think of this as a trending topic, whereas it is just an enormous undertaking and it presents challenges regularly to finance leaders, who aren’t necessarily addressing some of…

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