Sherry Buck, CFO of Libbey Inc.: Widening Your Finance Lens

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Mitch Peipert, CFO, Thomas Publishing, NY, NY: How to Leverage Cloud Computing

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CFO Woody Whitcomb of LaFamilia Pawn & Jewelry: Working with the Private Equity Investors

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003: Ben Mulling, CFO, TENTE Casters, on Aligning IT with Finance

What does it take to be a transformative finance leader? Join us as Ben shares his finance leadership mindset and offers an inside glance at his journey inside a manufacturing firm that has kept its competitive footing inside the global economy. Finance Philosophy We use the term “the operational CFO” these days, but this has…
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002: Mike Dinsdale, CFO, DocuSign, on Integrating Finance & Strategy

What does it take for a finance leader to garner a seat at the strategy table? Join us as Mike shares his finance transformation mindset and offers an inside glance at his journey inside a firm that has grown from 50 employees to 700 within the last four years. Finance Philosophy: "This group has to be…
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001: A CFO Thought Leader Preamble: Steve Player & Jack Sweeney

Our Preamble Back in 2008, I arrived inside the finance corridor after 20 years of editing magazines about the highly dynamic industries of management consulting and high tech. I viewed this latest tour of duty as being less about change and more about the numbers. I could not have been more wrong. At the time,…
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Aligning Finance and IT, Ben Mulling, CFO TENTE Caster Inc.

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The Six Ways to Finance Your Middle Market Firm

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The Bookkeeper’s Technology: A Parable of Finance and Innovation

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