When Finance Is “The Octopus” | Mark Patrick, CFO, Syngenta, AG

CFOTL: How do you view the role of finance in this organization? Patrick: We’re like the octopus. We have the tentacles that go into every part of the organization, and it all comes back to finance at the end of the day. We have to have an element of independence, a challenge, a role within…

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Optimizing Your Team’s Strengths to Drive Growth | Ted Weitzel, VP of Finance, G2 Crowd

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Garnering the Benefits That Come from Sharing SaaS Knowledge | Ben Murray, CFO, Cartegraph

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Measuring How Data Influences Outcomes | James Walbom, CFO, Tiempo Development

Interview Excerpt: [spp-timestamp time="00:14"] CFOTL: First off, tell us a little something about Tiempo Development. What type of company is this? [spp-timestamp time="00:19"] Walbom: Tiempo is a nearshore software development outsourcing firm. We have over 400 developers in Mexico, and we develop software for U.S. companies, typically SaaS companies, which is why we’re here today. We partner…

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Making Hiring a CFO Priority | A Talk with Marc Linden, CFO, Sage Intacct

Marc Linden is CFO of Sage Intacct. Prior to Sage Intacct, Marc spent four years as CFO for Mirapoint, Inc., a leader in secure appliance solutions for messaging. He also served as general manager of Openwave’s messaging business unit. Marc came to Openwave from the unified messaging company Onebox, where he was CFO and was…

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CFO Priorities Inside Fast-Growth Firms: A Talk with Jeff Epstein of Bessemer Venture Partners

  Jeff Epstein is an operating partner with Bessemer Venture Partners and the former chief financial officer of Oracle.  Prior to joining Oracle, Epstein served as chief financial officer of several public and private companies, including DoubleClick (sold to Google), King World Productions (sold to CBS) and Nielsen’s Media Measurement and Information Group. Event Venue:…

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449: How Data Is Fueling a Not-for-Profit’s Greater Mission | Kote Lomidze, CFO, World Learning

Cloud ERP + Time = Strategic Influence When Kote Lomidze became World Learning’s CFO four years ago, he immediately began to enhance the functionality of a cloud-based ERP platform that the global educational nonprofit had implemented six months earlier. The work, which Lomidze oversaw in a very hands-on way, generated valuable returns as measured in…
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Four Priorities to Redefine Finance

SUMMARY There’s long been little question that the CFO role is expanding, but just how a finance leader should allocate their time to address their far-flung responsibilities has remained every CFO’s quandary. Now a new study from Workday boldly sheds light on four priority areas that hyper-occupied CFOs should keep in mind if they want…

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351: When It Became Time to Lead (Part I) | Kevin Bisson, CFO, Ipswitch

Not unlike that of many finance professionals, the opening chapter of Kevin Bisson's finance career was all about acquiring skills and experience, and United Technologies provided a variety of rich avenues down which Bisson could advance in search of opportunities. However, after 10 years of exploration and problem-solving, more weighty leadership opportunities beckoned and Bisson…
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For CFOS, It’s Only the Lonely | Alan Haughie, CFO, ServiceMaster

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career? “I don’t expect any sympathy for the following statement: It’s a lonely job. It actually is. And that’s why, I think, something like this that you’re doing here is a great forum because generally CFOs don’t get to talk to…

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