While Deemed “Essential Businesses,” Home Builders Look Beyond 2020 for Recovery | Hilla Sferruzza, CFO, Meritage Homes

Years from now, when Hilla Sferruzza recalls her initial actions to buffer the impact of COVID-19 on home builder Meritage Homes Corp. (NYSE: MTH) of Scottsdale, Arizona, she will likely not forget the seemingly endless calls that she placed to land sellers across the country. “It’s not like I’m calling a manufacturer and telling them to…

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When Averages No Longer Matter | Mohit Daswani, CFO, ThoughtSpot

When Mohit Daswani stepped into the CFO office of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based ThoughtSpot this past January, he ascended to something more than just another finance leadership position inside a SaaS start-up. Daswani, who was previously the head of finance and strategy at payments company Square, Inc., was joining a special class of CFOs distinguished by their…

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Your Business & Covid 19 | Tod Nestor, CFO, Energy Focus

CFOTL: When it comes to the Corona virus, what steps are you taking to prepare and manage your business going forward? Nestor: We so happen to have a fair amount of our product sourced out of China. So we’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. The impact of it, basically since the country…

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578: The Awesome Power of FP&A | Jason Child, CFO, Splunk

Less than a year after his arrival at Splunk—a fast-growing, San Francisco–based software developer—CFO Jason Child appears to have been fully repatriated to his native land. To be clear: The “land” to which we refer is not the code-crunching zone of software development but the turf of business growth and scale—a locale in which Child…
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AFTERPOD: Putting a Fine Point on FP&A | An Interview with Grant Halloran, CEO, Planful

(A shortened version of this interview was originally released on CFOTL Episode #564. The following transcript is an edited version of the extended Interview.) CFOTL: We’re happy to catch up with our guest Grant Halloran this week. Grant is a course CEO of Host Analytics, which this week is rebranding as Planful. Now when a…

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555: Two Worlds, One Career | Mike Kaseta, CFO, Aerami Therapeutics

Few megadeals within the past decade have received as many recurring kudos as the acquisition of Genzyme, of Cambridge, MA by France’s biggest pharmaceutical company, Sanofi. The marriage of Sanofi and Genzyme appears to have exceeded expectations, allowing all of those involved in minting the newly merged entity to rightfully keep a feather in their…
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No Longer Serving the Metric-Savvy Few, FP&A Enters a New Data Dimension to Feed the Masses

At Digital Realty, the FP&A team wants to help its business leaders “complete the story” by supplying data that brings greater context to decision-making. We spoke with Glenn Snyder, Vice President, Corporate FP&A, at Digital Realty about the company’s push to help business leaders tell the whole story. (This interview was originally released on Episode…

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Finding Efficiencies in Cost Containment | Pavan Makhija, CFO, Possible Health

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Monitoring Your Labor Targets | Celine Okoh, CFO, The White Ribbon Alliance

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Why Talent Must be Top of Mind for Finance – Paul Burrin, VP, Sage People

This discussion was released on Episode 546 of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast CFOTL: It seems to us that many finance leaders are not as focused on workforce challenges as they are perhaps with measuring customer retention and other customer-related areas. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some thoughts on my observation? Burrin:…

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