357: Establishing Your Data Culture | Phong Le, CFO, MicroStrategy

As a one-time IT systems engineer, Phong Le has a finance career whose early roots run deep inside the technology realm, where today he serves as CFO of MicroStrategy—one of the data world’s pioneering innovators. Join us to hear Phong explain how burgeoning data insights are summoning finance leaders to become the organizational catalyst for quicker business decision-making.

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“The best people in FP&A are the ones who have empathy and can understand what a person in sales is walking through. When a person in marketing wants to spend money on digital advertising, the finance person needs to be able to actually go through and help them calculate ROI and look at their requests and their spend on a regular basis and come back to them and say ‘Hey, this campaign you launched—maybe you should try it this way.’ This doesn’t mean that they have to be a marketing expert, but it means that they have to be interested in learning how the business works beyond just the numbers.” –Phong Le, CFO, MicroStrategy


Guest: Phong Le, CFO

Company: MicroStrategy

Headquarters: Tysons Corner, VA

Contact: www.microstrategy.com  @microstrategy (twitter)


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