073: Adopting a Leadership Vision That’s Uniquely Yours, Gene Hammett, Host, Leaders in the Trenches

How do every-day executives distinguish themselves as leaders? Join us as Gene Hammett, Host of Leaders in the Trenches, reveals the qualities that allow true leaders to emerge from the ranks of pencil-pushing managers, and how CFOs can better advance their leadership by fortifying a “leadership connection” with their firm’s employees.


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Two Qualities of Great Leaders: Empathy & Courage

“Empathy is really critical. When you’re not aware of what people are going through it’s really hard to connect with them. When you don’t understand how they see the world, it’s really hard to achieve the communication that’s required to lead them well. …And Courage is the ability to have the tough conversations, and stand up for what you believe in, and not bend when things get tough.”

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