Measuring How Data Influences Outcomes | James Walbom, CFO, Tiempo Development

Interview Excerpt:

[[00:14]] CFOTL: First off, tell us a little something about Tiempo Development. What type of company is this?

[[00:19]] Walbom: Tiempo is a nearshore software development outsourcing firm. We have over 400 developers in Mexico, and we develop software for U.S. companies, typically SaaS companies, which is why we’re here today. We partner with companies all over North America, helping them to build software for cloud applications.

[[00:40]] CFOTL: Tell us, what are your priorities as a finance leader over the next 12 months?

[[00:46]] Walbom: We’re a rapid-growth company. We’ve been on the INC 5000 list for the last six years, and we’re continuing that growth pace this year. We’re really focused on scaling up our organization to be able to handle the increased volume of customers that we anticipate over the next 24 months.

[[01:01]] CFOTL: And what are the metrics that you look at before your first cup of coffee?

[[01:06]] Walbom: We feel like we’re really focused on our customer acquisition costs and our go-to-market strategy. We’re really focused on a lot of the same metrics that our SaaS clients are focused on. We see ourselves as a recurring revenue–based company. Customer churn is another. These are all the big things that we’re focused on, and we use the Intacct platform to help us measure those things.

[[01:27]] CFOTL: Is there a nonfinancial metric that has increasingly become top-of-mind for you?

[[01:35]] Walbom: Yes. I would say that employee churn is a big deal for us as a professional services organization serving software developers, so really focusing on the retention of our key employees as well as overall employee satisfaction is key. We spend a lot of time on our HR system in evaluating employee career paths, employee engagement, and those sorts of things.