465: Catching the Next Wave, Again and Again | Steve Cakebread, CFO, Yext

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A Humble Take on a Hall-of-Fame Career

Yext CFO Steve Cakebread’s resume is extraordinary, given the preeminent companies he’s worked for (HP, Silicon Graphics, Autodesk, Salesforce.com, Pandora, and Yext), the new technology categories that he’s helped to bring to market, and the staggering growth that those organizations posted under his corporate-finance leadership. Cakebread joined Salesforce as employee #67 when the $10 billion company was eking out a quaint $20 million annually. Despite these Lebron-esque achievements, Cakebread humbly peppers his discussion with plenty of phrases like “I was fortunate to ….” Luckily for us, he also runs through a compelling set of career-building keys, including taking promotions to difficult roles that had remained unfilled for months “because everyone else thought they would fail” at the job; amassing international experience (a decade in China and India); and learning how to explain innovative business models and entirely new product categories to analysts and other stakeholders. He also shares his personally fulfilling approach to team-building at Yext, a B2B geomarketing company that provides a software platform for streamlining all of an organization’s online listings.

Guest: Steve Cakebread, CFO

Company: Yext

Headquarters: New York City  

Connect: www.yext.com

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