449: How Data Is Fueling a Not-for-Profit’s Greater Mission | Kote Lomidze, CFO, World Learning

Cloud ERP + Time = Strategic Influence

When Kote Lomidze became World Learning’s CFO four years ago, he immediately began to enhance the functionality of a cloud-based ERP platform that the global educational nonprofit had implemented six months earlier. The work, which Lomidze oversaw in a very hands-on way, generated valuable returns as measured in dollars, time, and influence. Thanks to his technological savvy, Lomidze and his team put in place applications that streamlined timesheets and improved the collection of vendors’ banking information, among numerous other benefits. In all, Lomidze and his team spearheaded the adoption of 10 applications, which greatly reduced the time the function spends in chasing data and closing the books. “We spend more time analyzing the data and translating that data into actionable outcomes,” he says. Less time on reconciliations also translates to more time in supporting decision-making that “influences how the organization is run,” adds Lomidze, who discusses all of the tools and knowledge he deploys while operating with a for-profit mind-set to help sustain World Learning’s mission well into the future.

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Guest:  Kote Lomidze, CFO

Company: World Learning

Headquartered:  Washington, DC

Connect:  www.worldlearning.org

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