351: When It Became Time to Lead (Part I) | Kevin Bisson, CFO, Ipswitch

Not unlike that of many finance professionals, the opening chapter of Kevin Bisson’s finance career was all about acquiring skills and experience, and United Technologies provided a variety of rich avenues down which Bisson could advance in search of opportunities. However, after 10 years of exploration and problem-solving, more weighty leadership opportunities beckoned and Bisson exited U.T. while setting his sights on a CFO role at a publicly traded firm. Three short years later, he achieved that goal by obtaining the first of five CFO roles he has to date filled, including his latest with technology firm Ipswitch—where he is keeping data top-of-mind as he establishes new priorities for himself as a finance leader.

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“To me, this availability of information that we achieve through new applications and new systems is just continuing to explode. And it makes the job better. It makes me better. It makes our organizations better, and it makes finance an even more attractive opportunity for people coming into the business now than, say, when I was entering my professional career.” –Kevin Bisson, CFO


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Name: Kevin Bisson, CFO

Company: Ipswitch

Headquartered: Burlington, MA

Contact: www.ipswitch.com @ipswitch

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