335: Garnering Investor Recognition: Josh Blacher, CFO, Therapix Biosciences

Join us when Josh Blacher, CFO of Therapix Biosciences Ltd., shares his career-building journey that spans 10 years inside biotech and 14 years inside the capital markets realm. Josh is the former CFO for Galmed Pharmaceuticals and earlier served as Director of Business Development at Teva Innovative Ventures, an early- and midstage investment and in-licensing arm. He also held positions in portfolio management at Deutsche Asset Management and equity research at Morgan Stanley, as well as in mergers & acquisitions at Lehman Brothers.

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Three Channels of Awareness

CFOTL: What types of groups do you seek to educate about Therapix’s offerings?

Blacher: “We’re focusing on CNS-related disorders, an acronym that stands for the central nervous system. There is a well-defined group of institutional investors that focuses on these. The second group is companies that are involved in high potential micro- or small-cap-related stocks. This is less industry-specific and more agnostic, but they have an affinity toward high-growth, small-cap stocks. There are various conferences and various analysts who follow these as well. The third group is really what I call affinity groups. These would be people who don’t necessarily have a financial attachment to what we’re doing, but more of an emotional attachment. In our case, it would be affiliate groups associated with Tourette syndrome, of which there are many. There are a number of groups located throughout the United States and the world for the scientific, medical, and broader ecosystems, including the parents or the spouses within support networks. We try to reach out there and let them know what we’re doing and why it’s different and why we think that it has a lot of merit.”

Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights

Guest: Josh Blacher, CFO

Company: Therapix Biosciences Ltd.

Headquarters: TEL AVIV, Israel,

Contact: www.therapixbio.com