048: Gaining an Operational Edge, Bill Elkin, CFO, Interflex Group

What types of skills are required to build a company through M&A? Join us as Bill shares the operational mindset he adopted to help Interflex Group execute an M&A growth strategy that  would expand the firm’s manufacturing capability to seven facilities across North America and the United Kingdom.


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Champion of Change

“When we became active in the M&A market the Aha! moment for me was that while the sales team could look at the market, and manufacturing team could look at operations,  finance could really  look at all the data and paint a complete picture that could show the risks but also the key opportunities.”

Mentoring Round

“I wish that someone had pushed me to ask to be involved in discussions and meetings that were outside of the finance group – even if this meant I was just sitting and listening – because the real value that a CFO brings is the ability to look across different functions or groups.”

Book Pick

Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson


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