049: Triggering Innovation One Strategic Pivot at a Time, Ticketleap’s Tim Raybould

Ever wonder how strategic decisions are made in a venture-backed firm? Join us as Tim shares the entrepreneurial mindset he adopted as a CFO and that he now embraces as a CEO of Ticketleap, a Philadelphia company determined to disrupt the event ticketing business.


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Key Pivot

“In the early stages our software that runs on the Web became quite messy and we found ourselves spending 80 percent of our time making certain that things that were already built didn’t break and so this was not a recipe for success. So we made the bold decision to throw out the old platform and rebuild it. …Immediately, new customers took a jump up, and now 80 percent of our time is being spent on creating things that are new and innovative rather than making repairs.”

What’s exciting you about finance and business?


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