COVID-19 Briefing | Elena Gomez, CFO, Zendesk

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Guest: Elena Gomez

Company: Zendesk


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Gomez: Every CFO is re-modeling right now for this unprecedented time. Just to give you context, we’ve probably run 40 models in the past three days—so this just gives you a perspective. We’re engaging with our board, we’re engaging with our leadership team, my peers, and understanding what they’re seeing with their specific segments of the business, their specific regions of the business.

We’re paying attention to international recovery versus U.S. recovery. We’re paying attention to various segments of our business. We have a business that we call SMB, which is our smaller customers. We’re assessing whether these customers going to be impacted more than, say, our enterprise customers, so we’re running various scenarios. We’re also running scenarios based on whether we believe that there will be a quick recovery. In other words, will it be that in Q2, it’s really bad, and then somehow in the second half of 2020 it picks up? Or do we believe that this will be a longer recovery that keeps 2020 somewhat uneven and unknown, such that we start seeing recovery in 2021?

As you can imagine, all of these permutations put together are really important. We’re thinking about not only what are our customer acquisitions will be but also about how many of our customers we will retain, and then looking at this by various verticals as well.

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