445: How Finance, “The Connector,” Is Wiring Organizations | Michael Bayer, CFO, Wasabi Technologies, Inc.

Wasabi CFO Michael Bayer’s career “Ah-ha!” moment struck early. He was a college math whiz in the early days of PCs when a professor enlisted him to move all of his paper-based finance and accounting records to a computerized system.

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“He took me under his wing and taught me a lot,” recalls Bayer, whose professional career of 25+ years includes various finance, operations, technology, and business development roles, primarily for venture-backed technology companies. “Only recently have I realized the magnitude of the risk that he undertook. … He allowed some college kid to build out his business systems, and he trusted the trading of his fairly sizable investment portfolio to computer models that I built around my emerging understanding of options.” The experience has served as a leadership beacon for Bayer throughout his career as he has managed IPOs, co-founded a mobile social network, and served as a CFO in a number of companies: “I really think that the most powerful thing you can do as a CFO and a business leader is to articulate the business strategy in measurable terms, hire great people, and be a great coach.”

Listen to the Episode Below (00:49:41)

Guest:  Michael Bayer, CFO

Company:  Wasabi Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered: Boston

Connect: www.wasabi.com

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