444: Blueprint for a Strategic Finance Chief | Raj Agrawal, CFO, Western Union

When he started his career, Western Union CFO Raj Agrawal never expected to wind up leading a global finance function. This seems appropriate today, considering that he defines his role—first and foremost—as “driving and executing the strategy of the company.”

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Trained as an electrical engineer at General Motors, Agrawal also earned an MBA and then set out in pursuit of a variety of job roles (in the treasury function at General Mills, running one of Western Union’s business units) and diverse experiences (managing foreign exchange risks, taking overseas assignments). These activities ultimately helped to groom him as a finance chief with a broad perspective and a highly strategic lens. “I really look at myself as being a strategic CFO because I’ve had so many experiences in the field interacting with our customers, our agents, our business partners, and our employees,” he says. “I’ve always brought the business perspective to my thinking and my decision-making.”


Guest:  Raj Agrawal, CFO

Company: Western Union

Headquartered:  Denver, Colorado

Connect: www.corporatewesternunion.com

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