427: CFO Priorities Inside a Not-for-Profit | 3 CFOs

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Featuring: Julian Love, CFO, St. HOPE; Bob Bloom, CFO, Heifer International; Johanna Richman, CFO, ASPCA (2014–2017)

Wielding deep expertise inside the realm of ERP implementation, CFO Julian Love’s background was a strong match for St. HOPE, a public charter school system started by ex-NBA star Kevin Johnson. Struggling to manage its growing operations, St. HOPE turned to finance leader Love to spearhead a technology infrastructure overhaul. Join us when Julian reveals his unique not-for-profit world and the challenges that he has faced as he champions cutting-edge cloud technologies and cost management best practices.

“What I’m trying to do is work to decrease the level of expense associated with the fund-raising, the level of expense associated with the management in general, so that we can push as much as we can to the programmatic and actually fulfill our mission.” –Bob Bloom, CFO Heifer International

“I wanted to get my team to understand the different business operations in other areas of our organization to a larger extent. I also wanted to build APIs and dashboards that will help each area of the organization to manage their operations to a larger extent. These are the things on which I like to focus.” –Johanna Richman, CFO, ASPCA (2014–2017)

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