337: Achieving Profitability Milestones | John Kinzer, CFO, HubSpot

Join us when John Kinzer, CFO, HubSpot, outlines his post-IPO timeline, when profitability goals were set and met by the innovative online marketing firm. Listen to John as he recalls some of the career decisions that ultimately led him to HubSpot’s CFO office.

Prior to HubSpot, John served as CFO for Blackboard, Inc., a leading SaaS education company. He played a key role in taking Blackboard public in 2004 and reaching over $500M in revenue before being acquired by Providence Equity Partners. Kinzer has also held leadership roles at MCI and Arthur Andersen, LLP.

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The Metrics That Matter

“For most successful SaaS companies, cash flow will outstrip operating profits. We think a lot about billing terms—but it’s a balance. If we were to require customers to pay a year up front, I don’t think that we’d have the velocity of top-line growth that we have right now. We’ve put some incentives in place and the salespeople try to get much of it up front, but at the same time we’re not going to penalize them. We look at operating cash flow, we look at free cash flow. These are very important metrics for us. We look a lot at the unit economics, the business, the cost to acquire a customer, and the lifetime value of that customer.”

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Guest: John Kinzer

Company: HubSpot

Headquartered Cambridge, MA

Contact: www.hubspot.com @HubSpot

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