306: Expanding Your Operational View | Ron Shah, CFO, Hodges-Mace

Join us when Ron Shah, CFO, Hodges-Mace,  provides us with an update on his priorities as a finance leader and shares the details behind his efforts to advance finance  deeper into the benefits firm’s operations.

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“Well, we want to look at realigning the client experience. In the past, we had very segmented teams that were more product-specific versus when a client purchased multiple products or services having a single point of contact. We’re working through some cross-training efforts with our client services team to provide an individual or a team that’s cross-trained across multiple products versus having separate product teams support each of their initiatives and the client having a lot of different points of contact within the organization.” —Ron Shah, CFO


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Guest: Ron Shah, CFO

Company: Hodges-Mace

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Contact: www.hodgesmace.com @hodgesmace

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