297: Charting Your Next CFO Chapter | Chris Capozzi, CFO, Freedom Financial Network

During his 17-year tenure at General Electric, Chris Capozzi played a key leadership role in a number of GE’s most historic chapters, including helping to execute the company’s strategy to restructure GE Capital and divest more than $260 billion of assets. Join us when we ask Chris to look back on the career experiences that best prepared him for a CFO role and spotlight the strategic path he’s now charting for the Freedom Financial Network—a family of companies that provide loans and financial insight to homeowners.

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Capozzi’s Three Key CFO Roles

  • Chief Accounting Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer: Driving operational performance by holding leaders accountable for delivering outcomes
  • Advisor to the CEO:  Strategically allocating capital to build the next “$1B business” …  this includes acquisitions, divestitures, new product introductions, investments in data & technology, etc.

Guest: Chris Capozzi, CFO

Company: Freedom Financial Network

Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Contacts: www.freedomfinancialnetwork.com   @FreedomFamily (Twitter)


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