054: Hooked on Organic Growth: How an Appetite for Success Led United Capital to Modify Its Diet Plan

What’s it like to be CFO of a firm that specializes in wealth counseling? Join us as CFO Gary Roth highlights the elements of a business plan that facilitated the rise of United Capital, a national financial planning firm that has grown into a 47-office organization thanks to an energetic mix of organic growth, acquisitions, and investment performance.

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Making More Numbers Visible to Drive Strategy

“The downturn forced us to ask ourselves, ‘What is our long-term growth and lead-generation strategy?’ As CFO, my responsibility was to make sure that we as an organization began focusing on this, which meant breaking down our numbers. We became much more granular about identifying the different sources of new assets. This really turned us into an organic growth–focused company.”

Growth of the Organization

Advice to New CFOs

“Take a quarter or two and go through a few rounds of reporting, but then take a step back and focus on how you think things should be reported. It’s important that you put your own stamp on how finance and accounting is being communicated within the company.”

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