052: Making Finance Your Firm’s Go-To Department, Maria Izurieta, CFO, 3Pillar Global

How do you empower others to facilitate change? Join us as Maria shares her CFO mind-set and charts the organizational dynamics inside an innovative professional services firm determined to help its clients innovate.

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People-Based Metrics

“Given the fact that we’re actually a professional services organization we are a people-based organization and our key metrics are around utilization and gross margins on customer accounts. Our model pushes some the risk back to 3Pillar rather than to our clients and so the onus is really on us to manage our velocity and our resources.”

Empowering the Team

“The first thing I did was to get the know the team, and understand what the team was capable of doing. There’s a difference from what a team is doing today, and what it’s truly capable of delivering. So by providing the team encouragement and empowerment to facilitate change we were able to move the needle.”

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