051: What Finance Can Learn From the Lean Startup, Marc Scheipe, CFO, Sage, NA

How do different career experiences shape a CFO’s mind-set? Join us as Marc charts his unconventional CFO career path and explores how the skills and experiences he garnered as a fighter pilot, entrepreneur, small business owner, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt propelled him into the CFO office.

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Structuring Your Finance Team

“When I first joined Sage, I became focused not necessarily on a people reorganization, but on one that instead was focused on the way we do work, so that we set ourselves up for success.”

My “A-ha” Moment

“My team — when I first arrived — was overworked. They were spending late nights and weekends and just producing a lot of information. When we dug into it deeply, what we found was that we were often overcompensating for inferior input supplied by others — who should have been accountable for providing information on deadline. My ‘a-ha!’ moment was to say, ‘Sometimes it’s okay to fail, if you fail quickly and smartly.’ What I mean by this is that when someone misses a deadline, we want to be good teammates and try to help that person out, but maybe it’s okay to see what happens when a deadline is missed and something doesn’t get produced. In this way, we were able to put accountability back into the process.”

Application Pick

Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation driving application. What I love about it is that it tells you the most efficient path to get from A to B based upon the time of day.”


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