050: The Growth Killers: Robert Sher Prescribes Strong Medicine for Midmarket CFOs

What kills growth inside middle-market firms? Join us as Robert reveals the seven silent growth killers unique to midsize firms and explores some of the approaches CFOs can use to detect and overcome the organizational shortcomings that routinely prove fatal for growth.

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Letting Time Slip-Slide Away

“What you see over and over again is that when companies grow to be midsize, the projects get harder. Often people in these businesses are accustomed to managing small business projects. There is a lack of discipline around managing a project to each milestone and a lack of discipline around adequate resourcing for it.”

Fumbled Strategic Acquisitions

“Businesses sometimes buy other firms that they have no business buying. They are just too big or too complicated. Companies should buy firms with which they can do a good job of integrating and bringing in-house.”

Leadership Dysfunction

“It begins with misplaced loyalty. A leader may have a team that helped the company to reach $30 million in sales, but if a leader remains loyal to the team instead of to the company’s mission, they may be unwilling to part with an executive who is no longer pulling the ship forward.”


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