How Next Generation Dashboards Will Empower the Enterprise



Growing numbers of finance professionals are joining the search for new sources of strategic data as the adoption of new technologies helps to automate different tasks and allow finance leaders to more fully realize their data ambitions.

This Webinar will feature a CFO’s firsthand account of the creation of a next-generation dashboard being used by Guardian Pharmacy—the third largest long-term care pharmacy in the U.S. Next, performance thought leader and scorecard guru Brett Knowles explains how the adoption of Real-Time Strategy Dashboards (RTSD) dashboards will make finance a hub for strategic decision-making. Finally, BlackLine Director of Product-Platform Stephen Wolfman reveals how automation is empowering finance leaders to quickly complete month-end activities to provide timely, strategic, financial data to the RTS Dashobards and to free-up their time so that they can provide the strategic advice that organizations crave from CFOs, but CFOs never seem to have the time to provide.

This webinar will explore: 

  • How great decisions can be made with great data
  • How to identify, source, and trigger a steady flow of strategic data to empower your organization;
  • How are Real Time Strategy Dashboards different from traditional dashboards; and
  • How to prioritize automation requirements and determine new data milestones.



David Morris
Guardian Pharmacy
CFO, Central Pharmacy Services, David joined shortly after inception to build the central support and financial structure necessary to serve the dispersed, autonomous business units in a rapid growth entrepreneurial environment. Organizational units included accounting, information systems, human resources, M&A/business development, and administrative services.
President, PBM Div., Complete Health. Established and operated Rx Management, a subsidiary PBM division of HMO Complete Health, which provided prescription drug management services to parent HMO’s/PPO’s and other Fortune 500 self-funded employer groups. C.P.A., Auditor, EY.

Brett Knowles
Performance Management & Measurement (PM2)
Brett is a long-time thought leader in the performance measurement space. Over the last twenty years he has worked with Drs. Kaplan and Norton and has had clients referenced in each of their books. Brett has assisted over 3,000 organizations from around the world and in all sectors from AT&T to Zeneca, the IRS to the City of Kingston. His clients have had as many as 250,000 employees and as few as 5. He is the co-founder of the first Balanced Scorecard application, has developed numerous measurement concepts around intangible assets, and has served on countless editorial boards and conference constructs.
Brett’s clients have been profiled in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Forbes. There are over 20 business school cases covering the success of his clients.

Stephen Wolfman
Director of Product-Platform

Stephen oversees the direction of the BlackLine platform including Connectivity & Reporting. Stephen has been with BlackLine since 2012 and has previous experience in financial technology for the Securities Industry and with Enterprise data integration.